Gary Wagner Special Editions

Special Editions

The following four photos are new images for of my Special Editions Collection.  All four  images are part of my Award Winning National Parks Portfolio. I am now making these images available as 4x6 inch Miniature fine art prints at a special reduced price of $59. each through February 28, 2018. Prints come in 8x10 inch archival cotton matting and are ready to frame.  Purchase one or all four as a gift or to create a special gallery for your home or office. Priority shipping is included. 

Half Dome with Crown

Half Dome with Crown was taken in Yosemite National Park which is one of my favorite photography locations! Having been to Yosemite dozens of times I never grow tired of the magnificent landscape in this spectacular valley. Half Dome is one of the many iconic sights of  Yosemite and a favorite of mine. The crown in this image, as you can tell, is a cloud overhead but it gives a royal touch to this wonder of the valley. 

    Dune Shadows

    The morning light on the dunes in Death Valley National Park are amazing and ever changing. The dunes are never the same from day to day. The shadows on this dune may have come from animals walking near by or it may have come from low lying vegetation on a near by ridge. Regardless, I find it gives a touch of mystery and wonder to these ancient mounds of sand that shift daily with the blowing of the wind.  

    Sea Dreams

    As I stand on the shores of the sea, watching and capturing the movement of the tides with long exposures I wonder about the endless changing of the sands. Water moves it grain by grain to new locations and creates new patterns endlessly. With my images, I try and capture this endless movement for you to see and dream as I do where will the tide will be going next and what patterns it will make. This image was captured on the Pacific shores of  Northern California. 

    Forest Light

    Forest Light

    The Redwoods in the morning with fog and light are all about magic! As the morning sun breaks through the fog and sends its rays onto the forest floor below, a new day has begun and life and growth continues. Many of the trees in the forests I visit have been standing for hundreds of years and their size and stance is as majestic as the light and the day itself. As I look on and up at these giants, I stand in awe and enjoy their grander and am glad be be here to enjoy these majestic giants of nature.