Gary Wagner Special Editions

Special Limited Editions

Three new images for of my Special Limited Editions Collection have been released.  All three images are part of my Award Winning Redwood Coast Portfolio and were taken on the magnificent California North Coast.  I am now making these images available as a 15x22 inch Limited Edition fine art print at a special reduced price of $550. each through August 31, 2018. The price after that date will return to the regular price of $675 each.  Each image is limited to an Edition of 12 prints regardless of size plus three artists proofs. Purchase as a gift or to create a special gallery for your home or office. Shipping is included. 

Watching Over

The sea was calm today as the stream at my feet entered to join it. In the distance one can see Grandmother Rock who folks say is also watching the sea and keeping an eye on all who enter her waters. The endless beauty of the sea never fails to captivate my senses. I share that beauty with you today here. 

Pooling Rocks

There are many small streams of water on a path to the sea.  As the tide comes in and goes out the rocks are covered in fresh water from the land and salt water from the great sea near by.  I see these rocks as little gems on the shore glowing from the water that washes away the sand and shows their beauty to all who care to stop to see. On this day I watched the water flow endlessly and captured images with my camera to share with you the beauty I witnessed on the shore.     

Breaking on the Rocks

As I stand  with my camera and tripod on a large rock overlooking the sea and incoming waves I watch in awe as large waves roll off the sea and peak on the many rocks protecting the shore sending streams of water many feet into the air.  My camera and I were protected from these massive waves of water as we worked together to capture their power and wonder for all to see.